Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license?

Nope!  You are covered.  We have a license that covers everyone on the vessel.

What should I bring?

Sunglasses, Hat, Drinks, Snacks, Camera, Sunblock (No spray!) Weather Appropriate Clothing, Small Cooler isn't needed but most guests bring one.  We have a 75qt Yeti for food and drinks if you choose to use ours.

If scalloping.  All of the above plus a snorkel, mask, and fins if you have some you like.  We have Cressi gear available. 

What's provided?

Ice, Fish Cooler, Drink, Cooler, Fishing License, Tackle, Bait, Fish Cleaning, Snorkel Gear, and all Fishing Gear needed.   If fishing and you'd like to bring your own gear/tackle then absolutely feel free to bring it.  Same goes for scalloping. 

What shouldn't I bring?

Illegal Drugs, GPS Devices(Yes phone is ok), Glass Bottles, Spray Sunblock, Pets,  Bananas.

The banana thing is just an old superstition. You can read read some explanations here.

Where do we meet?

Meeting location is at Crystal River Watersports  3978 N Tallahassee Rd, Crystal River, Florida 34428, United States  It's right behind the Days Inn.  About half a mile north of the mall.  The boat will be in the water tied up at the dock ready to go.

What if I have more than 6 guests who want to go?

This happens quite often.  Most private charter boats have a limit of 6 people.  If you have more than 6 guests Just give us a call and we'll track down another captain to get everyone on the water.

Are there sharks?

We get this question quite a bit during scallop season.  Yes, there are sharks but to my knowledge there hasn't been a shark attack on a scalloper. YET! Haha We see maybe 2 a year while scalloping.  Just little 2' ones that are harmless and scared of you.  Don't sweat it.  Pull out your waterproof camera and snap a pic.

I get seasick. Should I be concerned?

Not at all.  Most of our fishing is usually done relatively calm water and the captain always takes the wave height into concern.  But if you have experienced it in the past we recommend taking medication a few days prior to the trip so it's in your system.

Who cleans our catch?

If you choose to keep fish the captain will clean and bag up your catch for you.

I've never used spinning rods before!

No worries!  Quick casting lesson from the captain and you'll be good to go.  They're very simple and can cast very far with minimal effort.  Kids learn the fastest.  Many occasions they cast better than their parents at the end of the day.

What if it rains? Lightning?

If it's forecasted to pour down rain most of the day our trip will likely be canceled or rescheduled.  In the summer we do get storms that pop up from time to time.  Most are small showers we can out run with the boat or put the bimini top up for shelter and wait 5 minutes for it to end.  If the weather/wind forecast is questionable the captain will call ahead to discuss.

Lightning is another story.  Once again mainly in the summer.  If the radar is showing lots of lightening in the area the captain may have to delay the start of our trip or cancel.  Safety is our #1 concern.  

Can we scallop and fish?

Absolutely!  Actually one of our favorite things to do in the summer as by noon it gets pretty hot.  Scalloping is a great way to cool off while collecting some dinner.   Under "scalloping" click "see all" options for booking a scalloping/fishing trip should pop up.

Your question not answered above?

Drop us a line!